Hi! I'm Maze! Here are some things I made!

Stick pony Maze




A game I'm developing! My biggest project! It has an awesome terrain generator, it generates an infinite world! And it's a multiplayer game! We have a small community and we play it together sometimes! Ooh, and it has a wiki, too! Hey, you know what'd really help? If you go play it a little bit right now, and then tell me what you think about it! I think first impressions are very important, and I want to know what kind of first impression my game makes!

AAGRINDER screenshot


This maze game!

A maze generator+game I made back in 2016! I was super proud of this when I made it, and I still like it! It's fun to search around this maze! But if you're playing with a mouse, there is a bug which prevents you from going into the exit, and that is kinda annoying. Use keyboard for that!

Fog Maze screenshot


Multiplayer version (unfinished)

Started working on this in 2016 but never finished! It's not playable! You can only watch the characters move around by themselves! When I made this, I had no idea how to make a multiplayer game with a server. I know now, though! And it's not easy! I'd really rather work on AAGRINDER, not this, so Fog Goof is pretty much abandoned!

Fog Goof screenshot


Shaped maze generator!

My first maze generator! It turns any text seed into a maze, and each maze has its own size, shape, and pattern of paths! Depending on the seed you entered, a finite-state machine is randomly created, and then this state machine determines the pattern of the boundary! Same thing is then done for generating the interior of the maze; I was very proud of this when I made it! It is a c++ program, I made it in 2015 when I was learning c++, you can't run this one in the browser, you need to download and compile!

Shaped maze ASCII


A 3D tower/path/walkway/"maze" generator in Unity!

My first Unity project and my first 3D software project (3D math is hard)! I'm not sure if this one is really a maze generator, it's more like a "walkway generator". The walkway does split sometimes, though. I tried to really make use of 3D space with this one, with pillars connecting the paths together vertically! The generator has a bunch of parameters which you can change to get something new!

screenshot of 3D walking game


Infinite maze generator!

My first attempt at making a procedural infinite terrain generator! This is from 2015, I wanted to see if I could describe a maze with a hash function! The result has a lot of repeating patterns, but it does have interesting paths in it, and I'm wondering whether I'll use this for something one day! Additional operations should probably be added, at least to get rid of those enclosed squares!

Infinite maze ASCII


My keyboard!

I like weird keyboards! I made this one 2 years ago! Don't worry, it still works, even though it's in 2 pieces and bent and tilted and without letters!

My keyboard and screens

How I made this:

  • I bought 2 identical keyboards
  • I disassembled them
  • I erased all the letters using sandpaper (this is important for touch typing)
  • I cut the plastic frame and the spacebars with an angle grinder
  • I made new spacebar stabilizers by bending and cutting the old ones
  • I unsoldered the LEDs on one of the keyboards
  • I cut the USB cables and soldered on new USB connectors
  • I put a piece of paper between the layers of the keyboard matrix where it is unused
  • I drilled some holes, put it back together with some extra screws and improvised clamps, anyway it works in the end! ^.^
  • oh and I built the frame out of Fischertechnik blocks. Some are custom 3d printed.

How much it costed:

  • 20€ for the 2 original keyboards
  • Fischertechnik blocks probably worth around 10€. They are reusable though!
  • 0.2€ for the USB connectors
  • about 0.2€ of 3d filament
  • almost a month of work

The problem I have with this keyboard is that by putting two different, custom, keyboard layouts on them, I broke some programs. Some programs don't like multiple keyboard layouts. That's why I'm making a new keyboard now, it'll have its layout in custom firmware, so it won't interfere with the programs on my computer!

My keyboard (DeviantArt image)


My WIP new keyboard!

This keyboard is even weirder than the last! It is based on this, but a little bit modified and upgraded! Just like my current keyboard, it'll be in 2 pieces and tilted. But the big difference is, the left and the right piece won't act as independent keyboards; they will be connected and act as one! This will make it more reliable! I'm still working on it, currently waiting for the components I ordered to be delivered! This is going to be so awesome!

My WIP split mechanical keyboard

I will use keycaps from a fake mechanical keyboard which is not being used any more! It is a rubber dome keyboard but with Cherry-compatible stems, it's kinda weird actually! I also printed some custom keycaps for the thumb cluster!

I originally wanted to make it a white frame with grey keycaps, but now when I've added Fischertechnik and black keycaps, white looks ugly! I'll print it black instead. Or maybe red!

How much it costed:

  • 19€ for 64 Outemu blue mechanical switches
  • 7€ for Arduino Teensy 2.0
  • 1€ for MCP23017 Serial Interface Module
  • 1€ for 100 diodes (1N4148)
  • Fischertechnik blocks probably worth around 10€. They are reusable though!
  • Keycaps came from a 25€ keyboard
  • Will probably be 2€ for 3D printing filament
  • 0.1€ for the TRRS connectors
  • I still need to find a good TRRS cable
  • 0.1€ for the USB connector
  • I already have wires and no idea what they're worth
  • Unknown amount of work

My WIP split mechanical keyboard (on the printer)

UPDATE 22/05/2020: Prototype chair mount for this keyboard! The idea for this was, that if you have multiple screens, it's better to have your keyboard on the chair, instead of on the desk. Otherwise you might need to turn your head for long periods of time. For someone like me with neck issues, it's better to turn the chair, hihi. Building blocks are great for prototyping!

A chair with a Fischertechnik structure attached

UPDATE 23/05/2020: Better chair mount! I tried a bunch of different things and this seems to be the best attachment method for this chair. It goes through the mechanism for adjusting the arm rests horizontally. There's a 3D printed holder for the hex screws which prevents them from spining, so I can screw things on without needing to open the chair again. It is a very simple solution, I'm happy that I found it! I think you should always keep trying to find simpler solutions whenever you are designing something. Because eventually, you'll find something that's so simple that it has barely any parts that could break or have negative side effects! I still need to sort out the wire problem (I don't want a wireless keyboard), and then I'm set! I'm thinking, I might make the keyboard usb cable go from the chair's head rest straight to the ceiling of my room, because that'd be kinda cool, and it wouldn't be in the way of things!

A chair with a keyboard attached


3D printed ponies!

This was a gift for my friend Sorunome! It's bigger than it might look; the fox is 20cm tall! It is a design which I made out of this and this and a bunch of extra pieces, using Blender! I printed it on my Creality Ender 3 printer, and it took about 100 hours. This was my longest single print! I painted it with a brush, with acrylic paint. It took a very long time! The mane is actually supposed to be striped, with 2 colors. But I didn't trust myself enough to add that without messing everything up!

3D printed pony and fox hugging

Alicorn statue from Legends of Equestria

This is a statue you can find in Legends of Equestria, but 3D printed! I redesigned most parts of the model to be suitable for 3D printing and I published the result here, so you could get one too! This is a relic of LoE, it reminds of the game, its team and its community! It is 16.3cm tall and it took 66 hours to print!

3D printed pony and fox hugging


A 3D printed laptop drawer!

I designed and 3D printed this container! It is the same size and shape as the CD drive on old Thinkpad computers, and it fits right in! (old Thinkpads have removable CD drives, there's a lever on the underside that unlocks it, just like the removable battery) Besides adding storage, this also makes my laptop lighter! I didn't need the CD drive. If I ever need it again, I can just slide it in!

A 3D printed drawer next to the laptop it fits in

Currently I am using this for:

  • USB drives
  • DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
  • Screwdriver

But the model is customizable, you could adjust the openings to any size you want! Ideas for things to store in your laptop:

  • SD card
  • Pencil
  • Money
  • Phone
  • Various adapters
  • Various cables

A 3D printed drawer next to the laptop it fits in


My modded screens!

I had problems with positioning one of my screens, so I substituted its foot with a new custom one! And I also wanted to have that other screen sideways for easier reading and programming, so I made a custom support for that one too!

Two screens with wooden supports

There was no space for this screen's foot, because the wall and the hole in the table were in the way. I made a wooden one that fits perfectly! It is also extremely strong compared to the original thing! I don't like wiggling screens! On the picture below, you can see it from behind. You can also see the LEDs I added to the back of the screen; these are powered by my computer's power supply, so they automatically turn off together with the computer! ^.^

Screen with a wooden foot and an LED strip on it

Here you can see how it's attached, I used the original attachment screw holes!

Wooden screen foot

Notice the gap! The screen tilt is still adjustable, just like on the original!

Wooden screen foot - side view

And here's the big one! I was able to make this because I have a jigsaw now, it was a really fun project! It's attached to this screen (TV) on the screen's wall attachments, with some 3D-printed spacers in-between. There are some excess holes on the wood because these are actually pieces of my old bed, hihi. I think this came out really nicely, it fits the room! One unintended side effect of turning my screen sideways is that it also takes up less space on the desk! Yay!

Homemade wooden support structure to hold screen sideways

Tip: click on images for full size!

Because this TV already had overheating issues and because it was probably not designed to be sideways, I added an internal fan in the TV which is powered by the TV's power supply and controlled by one of the levers on my little control board. I'll use that on hot days, hopefully it'll be fine!

And while at it, I wired one of those big red buttons to the TV's power button, because the real power button is kinda awkward, and the TV remote even more. Also, big red buttons get extra points for awesome!

The other big red button is my computer's power button, and the remaining levers are light switches. They're all very handy, I like having my commonly used controls nicely accessible like that! Below you can see the control box from the inside, it's a bit messy because I intentionally made the wires too long. Long wires are a good idea, they're more fail-proof and future-proof!

Wooden box with levers and buttons on it and full of wires


My attempts at traditional art!

Sometimes I paint or draw! I'm not particularly experienced, I do this very rarely. Here are a few of my creations! More at DeviantArt!

Painting of Autumn Dawn pony

Painting of Autumn Dawn pony

Drawing of Sorunome and Maze


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Petting.town stats visualization!

My first contribution to the petting.town community! Also my first scraper! It's a page with a bunch of graphs, you can find it here, it automatically updates every 10 minutes! However, keep in mind that the one you see below does not update! You should join petting.town! Also, pet me!

Graph of petting.town stats


3D printed Fischertechnik blocks!

My first 3D printing project! I started printing custom Fischertechnik blocks in early 2019 and I have quite a lot of them by now! I've cleaned up the original designs and published them on Thingiverse, they are all customizable, adjustable! I feel like angle blocks are one thing that's missing in Fischertechnik. In the original sets, you'll only find 60-degree angles, 30-degree, 15-degree and 7.5-degree; but sometimes I need something inbetween or an angle block that goes diagonally. That's why I made all of these!

A pile of 3D printed Fischertechnik blocks!


3D printed button panel for 3D printer!

I made a button board for my 3D printer, so I can avoid the annoying menus on the printer! It also has a self-destruct button, because everything should have a self-destruct button! In the image below: button board mounted above a Raspberry Pi in a 3D printed case next to my Creality Ender 3 printer with a mirror bed. The Raspberry Pi is wired to the button board, the printer, a camera pointed at the printer, a keyboard (out of shot), a screen (out of shot) and an Ethernet cable.

Raspberry pi with a button board next to 3D printer

I'm really happy with how this worked out, the paper and plastic bend a little bit when you press on it, and it presses the buttons! But just in case, I programmed it so if multiple buttons are pressed at the same time, it ignores that. This way, I avoid some accidents!

Button board with a bunch of paper labels

Below, you can see it without the paper! This is my own design, you can find it on Thingiverse and print it for your own Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects! It is customizable, so you can size it for any prototype board! It also has (optional) Fischertechnik attachments!

A button board with a 3D printed case

This is what's inside! I've had this prototype board for a long time, and I finally found a way to use it!

A prototype board with a bunch of buttons and wires on it


My script collection!

I am one of those who spend a huge amount of time customizing their programs and making little tools for themselves! I have a repository of my scripts and configuration files. I made an effort to keep my scripts short and simple, because simple things break less often, and when they break, they are easy to fix! The main purpose of the repository is to let me synchronize my settings, but you can also look at it if you want! I also added some links to specific scripts which I think might be useful! Keep in mind that these only work on Linux!


mazie.rocks website!

One day I decided I want to have a website! I recommend this, it is fun! If you have your own website, you will have an online presence independent of the big applications and platforms and the companies who run them. It is also a nice place for me to collect all my stuff together! Previously, it was scattered all over the Internet!

I have made an effort to keep this page simple, and to make it work on a lot of different devices. I avoided Javascript, at least on this main page. This page also doesn't use any libraries or other external resources. I put everything on 1 page because this makes it more easily maintainable, and because I made sure images are well compressed, this page didn't turn out too big. It's 2.6 MB at the time of writing, and even that only when you open it for the first time, the other times it's going to transfer just a few KB because the images are cached! Well, I said everything's on 1 page, but there is also the landing page which you find if you go directly to mazie.rocks. That is separate because it has a bunch of videos which I thought might get annoying after a while if they were here! Now the videos only serve as the "first impression" and something to direct attention to the top 3 things in the list.


Disambiguation! What is my name?

You can find me by multiple different names on the Internet. I wanted to make a quick list to avoid confusion!