Big 3D printed volume knob!

I was annoyed by the quality of the default volume knobs on headphones. They keep losing contact, getting dust in them, and the volume doesn't change smoothly.

So I got myself one of those bigger potentiometers and made a cool design to house it! This was 3D printed and you can print your own, the design is available through the links below!

This was the first time I designed a 3D model using SVG. I think it turned out great! I'll be doing this more in the future. I can make a pretty 2D shape and extrude it into 3D. Such a shape is guaranteed to print well because all the walls are perfectly vertical and all the top surfaces are perfectly horizontal!

Material: PLA

Printer: Creality Ender 3

Volume knob in hand

Volume knob but without the knob

Volume knob internals

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