3D printed Typh pony!

Gift for Skysweep!

It's Typh! Some parts (the eyes) are based on art by Andulance.

This was another speedrun to see how quick I can make a small figurine. By reusing some assets from my other works, I was able to finish the 3d model and print it all in one day! And including the polishing and painting, the whole project was finished in a week.

It's another mane made with the curved profile approach. This one turned out really well, I think! Possibly the prettiest mane I've made so far?

Also, I've finally figured how the back legs are supposed to attach to the body. I will re-use this in the future. It will be especially obvious on wingless ponies

Unfortunately I had an accident which caused this figurine to get damaged, and I did not have a chance to capture him from all sides. No turntable this time; only these three pictures. Download the 3d model if you want to see other perspectives.

3D printed Typh

3D printed Typh

3D printed Typh

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