Dead-simple scalable text notes thing!

A very minimalistic note taking thing for Linux/Unix! It displays a list of your notes using dmenu. Pick one or enter keywords for a new entry. The file opens in your default text editor.

  • Add entries with keywords
  • Fuzzy search keywords, multiple keywords and substrings
  • Recently accessed notes are listed first
  • Everything locally stored
  • Use your preferred text editor

These notes are an extension of your brain.

A search engine for your own past.

They are your own Google.

But private.

Incredibly fast to access.

And quick to understand, because they are written by you!

Things to note down:

  • birthdays
  • lifehacks
  • ideas
  • copypasta
  • link collections
  • backups of text
  • translations
  • password hints
  • solutions to problems
  • actual school notes
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