My keyboard!

I like weird keyboards! I made this one 2 years ago! Don't worry, it still works, even though it's in 2 pieces and bent and tilted and without letters!

My keyboard and screens

How I made this:

  • I bought 2 identical keyboards
  • I disassembled them
  • I erased all the letters using sandpaper (this is important for touch typing)
  • I cut the plastic frame and the spacebars with an angle grinder
  • I made new spacebar stabilizers by bending and cutting the old ones
  • I unsoldered the LEDs on one of the keyboards
  • I cut the USB cables and soldered on new USB connectors
  • I put a piece of paper between the layers of the keyboard matrix where it is unused
  • I drilled some holes, put it back together with some extra screws and improvised clamps, anyway it works in the end! ^.^
  • oh and I built the frame out of Fischertechnik blocks. Some are custom 3d printed.

How much it cost:

  • 20€ for the 2 original keyboards
  • Fischertechnik blocks probably worth around 10€. They are reusable though!
  • 0.2€ for the USB connectors
  • about 0.2€ of 3d filament
  • almost a month of work

The problem I have with this keyboard is that by putting two different, custom, keyboard layouts on them, I broke some programs. Some programs don't like multiple keyboard layouts. That's why I'm making a new keyboard now, it'll have its layout in custom firmware, so it won't interfere with the programs on my computer!

My keyboard (DeviantArt image)

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