3D printed Night Blaze meme!

Night Blaze on a chair!

A model based on this art. Started as a random idea too good to pass up. Ended up as a speedrun; the whole project was finished in less than 2 weeks! That includes 3d modeling, 3d printing, sanding, polishing and painting!

Someone suggested I should stop filling areas between legs with cheater cubes. This actually turned out really well. I thought it would be imposible to paint, but with a few tricks, it can be done!

The biggest advancement I've made here, is trying out different brush paints. Unfortunately I did not know this earlier, but there are special paints out there for painting models. With these paints, it's no longer necessary to paint 4-5 layers of every color. Only one or two layers. It also dries faster and doesn't flow around as much while drying. Yup, definitely sticking with these from now on!

This is my second time designing a stallion head, but first time doing it through sculpting. I'm quite happy with this head; will definitely re-use it in the future!

My first time making proper eyelids in 3D. The best way to make 3D eyelids seems to be to add them as a separate subdivided object, then merge them with the head using a boolean operation and some sculpting.

Also first time making hair out of curved profiles instead of subdivided basics. The idea for such hair came from this work, model by v747, printed by SimpleSaemple. I think hair could potentially be even better with some sculpting, maybe I'll try that in the future.

And of course the chair. Wow, this chair took me even more work than the pony, but at least I learned a lot about Blender! I think this is my first practical use of vertex groups!

Stick pony Maze Stick pony Maze