My modded screens!

I had problems with positioning one of my screens, so I substituted its foot with a new custom one!

And I also wanted to have that other screen sideways for easier reading and programming, so I made a custom support for that one too!

Two screens with wooden supports

There was no space for this screen's foot, because the wall and the hole in the table were in the way. I made a wooden one that fits perfectly! It is also extremely strong compared to the original thing! I don't like wiggling screens!

On the picture, you can see it from behind. You can also see the LEDs I added to the back of the screen; these are powered by my computer's power supply, so they automatically turn off together with the computer! ^.^

Screen with a wooden foot and an LED strip on it

Here you can see how it's attached, I used the original attachment screw holes!

Wooden screen foot

Notice the gap! The screen tilt is still adjustable, just like on the original!

Wooden screen foot - side view

And here's the big one! I was able to make this because I have a jigsaw now, it was a really fun project!

This TV has actual attachments which you can use to attach it to the wall, but I used them to attach it to my mount here, with some 3D-printed spacers in-between.

There are some excess holes on the wood leftover from when this was a piece of my old bed, hihi.

I think this came out really nicely, it fits the room! One unintended side effect of turning my screen sideways is that it also takes up less space on the desk! Yay!

Tip: click on images for full size!

Homemade wooden support structure to hold screen sideways

Because this TV already had overheating issues and because it was probably not designed to be sideways, I added an internal fan in the TV which is powered by the TV's power supply and controlled by one of the levers on my little control board. I'll use that on hot days, hopefully it'll be fine!

And while at it, I wired one of those big red buttons to the TV's power button, because the real power button is kinda awkward, and the TV remote even more. Also, big red buttons get extra points for awesome!

The other big red button is my computer's power button, and the remaining levers are light switches. They're all very handy, I like having my commonly used controls nicely accessible like that! Below you can see the control box from the inside, it's a bit messy because I intentionally made the wires too long. Long wires are a good idea, they're more fail-proof and future-proof!

Wooden box with levers and buttons on it and full of wires

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