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My WIP new keyboard!

This keyboard is even weirder than the last! It is based on this, but a little bit modified and upgraded! Just like my current keyboard, it'll be in 2 pieces and tilted. But the big difference is, the left and the right piece won't act as independent keyboards; they will be connected and act as one! This will make it more reliable! I'm still working on it, currently waiting for the components I ordered to be delivered! This is going to be so awesome!

My WIP split mechanical keyboard

I will use keycaps from a fake mechanical keyboard which is not being used any more! It is a rubber dome keyboard but with Cherry-compatible stems, it's kinda weird actually! I also printed some custom keycaps for the thumb cluster!

I originally wanted to make it a white frame with grey keycaps, but now when I've added Fischertechnik and black keycaps, white looks ugly! I'll print it black instead. Or maybe red!

How much it costed:

  • 19€ for 64 Outemu blue mechanical switches
  • 7€ for Arduino Teensy 2.0
  • 1€ for MCP23017 Serial Interface Module
  • 1€ for 100 diodes (1N4148)
  • Fischertechnik blocks probably worth around 10€. They are reusable though!
  • Keycaps came from a 25€ keyboard
  • Will probably be 6€ for 3D printing filament
  • 0.1€ for the TRRS connectors
  • I still need to find a good TRRS cable
  • 0.1€ for the USB connector
  • I already have wires and no idea what they're worth
  • Unknown amount of work

My WIP split mechanical keyboard (on the printer)

UPDATE 22/05/2020: Prototype chair mount for this keyboard! The idea for this was, that if you have multiple screens, it's better to have your keyboard on the chair, instead of on the desk. Otherwise you might need to turn your head for long periods of time. For someone like me with neck issues, it's better to turn the chair, hihi. Building blocks are great for prototyping!

A chair with a Fischertechnik structure attached

UPDATE 23/05/2020: Better chair mount! I tried a bunch of different things and this seems to be the best attachment method for this chair. It goes through the mechanism for adjusting the arm rests horizontally. There's a 3D printed holder for the hex screws which prevents them from spining, so I can screw things on without needing to open the chair again. It is a very simple solution, I'm happy that I found it! I think you should always keep trying to find simpler solutions whenever you are designing something. Because eventually, you'll find something that's so simple that it has barely any parts that could break or have negative side effects! I still need to sort out the wire problem (I don't want a wireless keyboard), and then I'm set! I'm thinking, I might make the keyboard usb cable go from the chair's head rest straight to the ceiling of my room, because that'd be kinda cool, and it wouldn't be in the way of things!

A chair with a keyboard attached

Stick pony Maze