One day I decided I want to have a website! I recommend this, it is fun! If you have your own website, you will have an online presence independent of the big applications and platforms and the companies who run them. It is also a nice place for me to collect all my stuff together! Previously, it was scattered all over the Internet!

I have made an effort to keep this site simple, and to make it work on a lot of different devices. I avoided Javascript as much as possible. This site also doesn't use any cookies, libraries or external resources. At first, I put everything on 1 page because I heard this is usually a good idea. It makes websites more maintainable. Later I decided to make it multi-page after all, because it was getting too big to be on one page. I'm using a simple, self-written content management system which you can find on GitLab along with the content of the page.

Stick pony Maze