Karina June, Candy Meow and Maze hugging!

My first art with 3 ponies in it! This took a while but I'm really happy with how cute it turned out in the end! I think it's also the first time I'm drawing batpony ears! I used this ref for Karina and Candy poses, this ref for Maze's pose (roughly), and this ref for Karina's mane. Another thing that surprised me, is how much easier it is to draw half-body art compared to full-body!

I started by tracing the poses on paper, then completed the sketch seen here. Based on the sketch, I finished this in Krita. I think I'm getting really good at using layers! I made the outlines first, and I put each part that I expect to be layered differently in its own layer (even if it's the same color as another layer). Once I had all the outlines, I reordered the layers so all the edges look correct. Lastly, I colored almost all of the flat surfaces using a single layer in the background.

I also FINALLY learned how to make nice corners on lines: you have to draw lines too long at first, so they intersect. Then use the eraser to trim them and make a nice corner. If you use layers in a clever way, the eraser won't affect the rest of the art.

I'm still trying to learn how colors work. At first I was worried that the colors of Karina, Candy and Maze would end up clashing. But I don't think they do. It's ok because there are a lot of colors and most of them are not very saturated. It's nice to look at!

Karina June hugging Candy Meow and Maze

Stick pony Maze Stick pony Maze