About donations

I develop this website out of my own passion, and I do not need or want any financial incentive. There will never be donations.
For the record, even if I did not have this website, I would rent this VPS (6€/month) and domain (15€/year).
This means that the actual website costs nothing.

If you really want to contribute money, make a donation to your favorite free and open source software.
By doing that, you're encouraging the developers to work on it, and proving that FOSS can be sustainable, and at the same time you're buying some good feels.

About ads

I hate the mindset of "let's put ads on our website to get some money for free".
As soon as you put ads on a website, you have ruined the experience and the integrity of the site.
It doesn't matter if the ads come from Google or hosted locally.

And no, those links at the side do not count as ads. I'm just trying to keep the web connected.

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