3D printed Disy!

Commission for DJDavid98!

This 5.5cm figurine is a 3D-printed version of a model originally designed by AeridicCore and can be printed in 2 parts!

This model was already almost suitable for printing, but I did need to change the eyes, mouth, all spikes on the mane and tail and some other details.

Everything is printed in PLA on my Ender 3 at super high resolution. It took about 5 hours to print. But I did, of course, print more than one, while I was figuring out how to do it right.

I made the printed model smooth using sandpaper, a tumbling machine, wood filler and filler primer.

I painted the coat using my airbrush and everything else with regular brushes. I think it turned out really great!

It's the first time I'm trying a combination of glossy and matte finish. I sprayed her with glossy lacquer, then I covered the eyes and sprayed again with matte. So only eyes are shiny. You can see this really well on the turntable!

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